Monday, 20 July 2009

External and Internal Resources need to work together to make change happen

Sanderson's specialist contractors are often brought in as external consultants for business change initiatives. They are needed either to plug an internal skills gap, to rectify mistakes on previous change initiatives, or to facilitate the whole process. Used effectively, these external resources can bring a greater chance of project success.

But our external change consultants cannot work alone. For a business change to be successful they need to work with a learn from internal subject matter experts.

External consultants will never know the details of every business that engages their services. Their job is to handle the parts of the project within their range of expertise. This may include refining new evaluation methods, developing channels of communication or making sure the change project stays on track.

To do their job effectively, however, they cannot work in a vacuum. They need the help, knowledge and cooperation of internal 'subject matter experts'; people who are au fait with the detailed processes, heirarchies and operations of the business, often with a high level of technical expertise. An important part of the change consultant's role is to enable these internal experts to contribute to the project whenever this is required.

These internal subject matter experts are also crucial stakeholders in aany business change. Their technical ability and long-standing in the company often make them highly influential in their communities. External consultants need to keep them informed and manage their buy-in.

We believe that it's important to distinguish between external change management skills and internal subject matter expertise. Our external change consultants depend on internal people who have detailed knowledge of the business. These internal experts must never be excluded from the change process. External and internal resources need to work together, combining their different skills and knowledge to make change happen for the business.

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